dent & buckle

What is dent & buckle?

dent & buckle is a twofold system for managing the complete airframe damage and repair records. Firstly, it is a web based back-end application for engineering departments with a 3D graphical view, document handling and reporting tools, and secondly it is a 3D graphical mobile app running on iOS, Android and Windows devices for use by maintenance crews and pilots.

How does it work?

dent & buckle allows any member of your team to identify, record and take pictures of an issue within a few moments. This information becomes instantly available to your entire team, avoiding duplicated efforts.

dent & buckle integrates with AMOS and dentCHECK (8tree)


What is BladeFix?

Blade Fix is a specialized engineering app to speed up and optimize the process of jet engine fan blade replacement.

How does it work?

BladeFix uses advanced computational techniques to ensure the swiftest and most cost effect solution to the problem of fan blade replacement. Uniquely, it provides for single blade replacement ( as well as pairs ) which allows your engineering team to use available stock much more effectively, saving valuable time and money.

BladeFix integrates with AMOS

Cabin Survey

What is Cabin Survey?

Cabin Survey is a mobile application designed for airlines and MRO’s to perform daily cabin inspections and quickly create damage reports for aircraft interiors.

How does it work?

The web app allows damaged items to be managed through out their lifecycle and shows graphically the damage map for an individual aircraft or across a fleet. Cabin Survey streamlines and speeds up the time-consuming inspection and rectification process as well as providing comprehensive reports that can be easily accessed by any team member or shared with customers or external third parties.

BladeFix integrates with AMOS


What is RAPID?

RAPID is a drone based automated aircraft damage inspection and integrated reporting system that can reduce the time to carryout an external inspection of large commercial and military aircraft by up to 90%.

How does it work?

RAPID introduces measurable efficiencies across MRO by facilitating a new method of aircraft inspection for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance purposes. The data captured by RAPID drone technology is collated and disseminated within an operators reporting system.

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