Data migration

Digital transformation and data safety for your MRO organization through professionally performed data migration.
Data migration is inevitable if your MRO organization plans to upgrade systems, move data to the cloud, consolidate data or implement a new MRO system such as AMOS.
When upgrading, to ensure the continuity and accuracy of maintenance and airworthiness records, it is essential to transfer data from a legacy system to the new system.

When do MRO’s and airlines need data migration?

Data migration is required when you:

Move data to the cloud

Upgrade systems

Clean and consolidate data

Implement a new MRO system such as AMOS

Introduce new aircraft to a fleet

Our team of developers and consultants have extensiveknowledge of Airline, MRO, and Operations systems. 20 years of experience inaviation engineering software development, dozens of successful projects and aconstant curiosity for innovation make us a leader in aviation IT services.

Migrating data between MRO systems requires several types of expertise

  • General commercial aviation operation knowledge
  • Aircraft maintenance (MRO) industry knowledge
  • Database maintenance and programming skills
  • Business software system implementation experience
  • Specialist knowledge of aviation software packages
  • A wealth of project management experience
  • A proven track record with glowing customer references

Data is valuable, migrate it!

The migration process – key points


Establish project teams, migration scope &IT System/Data access


Identify Data sources and data mapping/cleansing rules


Write the code to implement the mapping and cleansing rules  


Run trial migrations to validate Analysis and Development (rinse and repeat)


Run final migration and transition to the new system

We are certified
AMOS partners!

Check out what a real migrations for a real customer looks like!

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System integration

Integration is essential when organizations use multiple software systems.
It standardizes and streamlines business processes, eliminating duplicate entry and reducing data errors, saving you time and money.

We offer:

Leveraging data  for reporting
and dashboards

ERP/MRO system integration
via existing API’s and middleware

Integrating hardware such as scanners and label printers with existing systems e.g. scanners

Rusada Envision – Data and Reporting Services

Many of our team were involved in the development of Envision, and we know that Envision users often need support with:

  • Bespoke reporting
  • Data extraction
  • Integration with other systems

We are not dependent upon release cycles and can be much more reactive than Rusada.

20 years of experience means we have the in-depth knowledge to enable us to efficiently work with the system.

You can get a solution tailored to your needs with the certainty of a successful outcome!

Replace long wait times, that may cause a lot of frustration, with seamless integration!

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Data transformation

Integration is essential when organizations use multiple software systems.
It standardizes and streamlines business processes, eliminating duplicate entry and reducing data errors, saving you time and money.

Data transformation is a key component of an organization's data strategy.

It brings the following benefits:

  • Higher data quality
  • Reduced errors, such as missing values
  • Faster search time and query
  • Reduced resource requirements when manipulating data
  • Improved data organization and management
  • Greater data usability, especially for advanced business analytics

As Output42 we can help you in these areas:

  • Analyzing data systems derived from the IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Adding new functionality to existing solutions
  • Support in the selection of information technologies tailored to current needs
  • Daily support and maintenance
  • Digitization of data and process support in aviation
  • Aviation data statistics
  • Data grouping and analysis
  • Data storage and reporting systems
  • Data security
  • Business Intelligence

Don't get left behind, manage your data, and lead your business to digital transformation.

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Aircraft onboarding

Output42 simplifies the process and guarantees that your data is imported accurately and consistently. We can clean and refine your source data to meet your unique requirements, allowing you to minimize expenses and the headache of onboarding new aircraft.

Being a Swiss-AS partner and having years of AMOS migration experience allows us to cover all aspects of source data management, XFile creation, and aircraft onboarding into AMOS.

Integrating a new aircraft into your system can be challenging. Let us handle it!