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Main aviation products

BladeFix knows the moment weights of all the engines existing blades and also the moment weights of all the blades available in stock. It uses several mathematical techniques including heuristics and optimisers to solve the problem of selecting the right blades and or swapping existing blades so that the out of balance of the whole engine is minimised.

We provide airline operators with the means to streamline procedures and reduce the costs of recording damage and repairs on aircraft. With dent & buckle airlines now have an easy to use tool to track damages from first discovery through to the repair stages, and subsequently, tracking of the repair.

Cabin Survey allows for quick and easy aircraft interior damage reporting. In a matter of seconds cabin crew can report back damage using their smartphone or tablet. The reports are available instantly to the engineering team via an innovative easy to use web application.

MROdoc is a mobile based intelligent document browser which fully integrates with dent & buckle and Cabin Survey. Engineers and cabin attendants can complete damage reports that include SRM or CMM/IPC references and SRM or CMM/IPC page attachments at the aircraft.

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RAPID is a highly automated drone based aircraft damage inspection and integrated reporting system that reduces AOG time by up to 90%. It introduces a new method of aircraft inspection for maintenance purposes. Data captured with RAPID is reviewed, collated and then disseminated via reporting systems.

dent & buckle and BladeFix on easyJet Innovation Day

Our Services

Data Integration and Migration

You have a myriad of data in your organisation. Are you getting the best out of it? You may have isolated data in each of your computer system, we can help you collect and and analyse the data and turn it into solid information to help you in your decision making.

  • Migration
    Providing the tools and services needed to transfer your data from one software system to another.
  • Transformation
    Providing data analysis services and software to give you better insight into your data.
  • Integration
    Creating automated interfaces to take data from one system and make it available to another.

Reporting products and services

Your data should be available and understandable. It needs to be clearly presented in a way you and your organisation can make sense of and use. We take your raw data and transform it into accurate, timely and easy to understand reports, charts, web documents and mobile friendly presentations.

"Stephen and his Team show a very good level of preparation and insight in the airline business. Their strong show of apprehension and rapid grasp of the problem, added to fast and reliable delivery of the desired product makes them a mostly recommendable
Partners in the field."

Steve Camilleri, Air Malta

"Their approach has been very flexible and they
have been very willing to offer advice as required
throughout the project."

Jon Viner, LAA

About Output42

Output42 is an aviation software company. Our team of developers and consultants have extensive knowledge of Airline, MRO, and Operations systems. Over the years Output42 has created, enhanced, extended, migrated and supported systems for major airlines.

  • We can enhance your software development capacity quickly and efficiently on individual projects or as an ongoing cooperation.
  • We have years of experience developing advanced applications on mobile, web and desktop that can extend and integrate with your existing applications.
  • We can help you collect and and analyse the data and turn it into solid information to help you in your decision making.
  • We have a team of developers with extensive experience in aviation software design & development.
  • Our skills combined with the best available technologies allow us to deliver exceptional solutions.


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