Our Aviation Products

BladeFix helps you replace or swap blades of your fleet's aircraft engines, greatly reducing the AOG time.

dent & buckle tracks damages from first discovery through to the repair stages, and subsequently.

Cabin Survey allows for quick and easy aircraft interior damage reporting.

MROdoc is a mobile based intelligent MRO document browser.

RAPID is an automated drone based aircraft damage inspection and reporting system.

"Stephen and his Team show a very good level of preparation and insight in the airline business. Their strong show of apprehension and rapid grasp of the problem, added to fast and reliable delivery of the desired product makes them a mostly recommendable Partners in the field."

Steve Camilleri, Air Malta

Our Services


Providing the tools and services needed to transfer your data from one software system to another.


Providing data analysis services and software to give you better insight into your data.


Creating automated interfaces to take data from one system and make it available to another.

Data integration and migration

You have a myriad of data in your organisation. Are you getting the best out of it? You may have isolated data in each of your computer system, we can help you collect and and analyse the data and turn it into solid information to help you in your decision making.


Your data should be available and understandable. It needs to be clearly presented in a way you and your organisation can make sense of and use. We take your raw data and transform it into accurate, timely and easy to understand reports, charts, web documents and mobile friendly presentations.

"Their approach has been very flexible and they have been very willing to offer advice as required
throughout the project."

Jon Viner, LAA

Our Clients

"Output42 worked closely with easyJet to develop Bladefix, their ability to turn our requirements into robust simple to use functionality has been key to the successful implementation of Bladefix. Output42’s rapid and knowledgeable technical support has been the cornerstone of a system that is always available ( over 99.99% availability apparently ). They work very closely with our AMOS providers to deal quickly with any issues that arise. We have a stress free tool that is always there when we need it."

Alejandro Lopez Ruesca, Head of Powerplant, easyJet

About Output42

Output42 is an aviation software company. Our team of developers and consultants have extensive knowledge of Airline, MRO, and Operations systems. Over the years Output42 has created, enhanced, extended, migrated and supported systems for major airlines. 

  • Extensive experience in aviation software design & development.
  • We can enhance your software development capacity quickly and efficiently on individual projects or as an ongoing cooperation. 
  • Years of experience in advanced mobile, web and desktop apps that can extend and integrate with your existing solutions.
  • We can help you collect and and analyse the data and turn it into solid information to help you in your decision making. 

 Our products on easyJet Innovation Day

source: easyJet

EasyJet aircraft to be inspected by drones

source: Victoria Moores, ATW

EasyJet unveils drones to cut delays and cancellations

source: Tom Brada, Belfast Telegraph

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It has been a pleasure to do projects together with Output42. Their work has been very professional and it has never been an issue to do those project completely remotely.

Inga Katrin Gudmundsdottir, PrimeraAir

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