If you are interested in minimising the pain and expense of AOG caused by unscheduled Fan blade replacement then this webinar may be for you.


We will be discussing how the BladeFix web based application improves and streamlines the process of selecting the most suitable Fan blades, we will also discuss some of the significant savings BladeFix brings to an airline.

Find out:

  1. How easyJet use BladeFix in their daily operation to transform their response to Blade events for CFM56 and LEAP-1A
  2. How to find an optimised Fan Blade solution, including Works Order details, in less than 5 minutes
  3. How the BladeFix user interface is designed to be used by any engineer/mechanic to solve the most complex blade replacement problems
  4. How BladefFix will reduce the Fan Blade stock an airline needs to carry
  5. How BladefFix integrates with MRO systems to ensure that blade configurations, blade stock levels and locations are always up to date
  6. How to do single blade replacement instead of pair based replacement for CFM56
  7. How BladeFix can bring significant savings to an airlines engineering operation

The webinar will be held on two dates, in different timezones.

Pick the time that's comfortable for you!

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